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I finally had a chance to get back to Dynotech Research with the Outdoor Shop Shootout sled to get my trail setting so I can ride this beast if we ever get snow again. This motor has the ODS/HTG porting package, Speedwerx ceramic coated pipe, Y pipe and the Speedwerx intake. This run is my safe map with the stock key (no additional timing). A/F ratio and BFSC numbers look real safe on this one. Should be good for long lake blasts.[/b]
What are your thoughts on the BFSC and A/F ratio at the 6000 rpm range? Is that still a little lean or do you think that would be acceptable for a cold (-20F) trail ride? Could you map that out with a Boondocker?
Just for referance purposes: Typically on long RR GRADE & FOREST ROAD runs here in Wi & the U.P. (in my case sometimes up to 100 miles non stop) cruising at a speed between 45-60mph will keep you in that CRITICAL zone of 5600-6200 rpm shown on the dyno sheet. It would definately need more fuel to survive this type of riding. None the less, impressive TQ/HP numbers for a pump gas motor.
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