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i took my 99 zrt 800 on the lake yesterday. I was showing off a bit to my buddies we clock her at 121 mph on radar then suddenly my
heat sensor light came on,i shut off the zrt and found a big puddle of antifreeze.
I think my water pump let go not to sure yet.
I've just finish pulling the engine out about 1/2 hour ago ,tomorrow night I'll crack her open.
I think i might get lucky with just changing the crank bearings.

Did anyone with this year and type of machine ever had this problem?

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Where did you find the puddle? In the belly pan? I couldn't see the water pump letting that much go all at once. Going after the crank bearings sounds kinda extreme if you shut it down quickly.

You have to watch the counter balance shaft bearings on these machines tho.
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