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94 ZR700 bogging and low spark
Hi, I'm new to forums but been reading a lot about spark problems lately since I'm trying to find a problem with my arctic cat ZR700 1994. I recently traded the sled so I'm not even sure if the engine is original or so but it says 700 on the heads and paper work says 94.

Anyways here is the problem and what I've done to try to solve. Sled was running good for first 30 minutes of season, pulling my hands of handlebars. Suddenly started to bog, had a hard time to bring it back home (5 minutes at hardly 20miles/ hour).
Cleaned both carbs, then realized spark was very weak yellow/orange (not good from what I read). Unplugged wire from stator to handlebars and jumped it, still boggy, no better results. Forgot to mention, always clutch side plug very wet and not much sign of firing. Other side better, drier and show color of a bit better firing.
Swapped, the spark plugs wiring, same, no difference. So now I'm thinking CDI box or stator from reading the blogs. But, from what I read, my stator should be with 4 sprung connectors and its got triangular one. So what are the specs for this stator? Could it be wrong stator?? Also, there is a pulser on it with 2 cut wires but it ran good as I said for 30 minutes and this pulser wasn't connected at the time either??? Plus I can't find any cut/loose wires that could connect to it.
And last, CDI box is loosely attached to airbox, permitting to vibrate a lot.

I've spent lots of time looking to solve this thing, I'm getting discouraged as snow is melting fast! Please help! Lol!
Btw I've tried with new set of plugs many times with same results.

And it's a carb model. Not EFI.

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Have you tried by passing all kill switches at the stator? To do that find the 4 prong square connector with yellow wires and put a jumper wire between the 2 NON YELLOW wires. Check for good bright blue spark.

If you still don't have bright blue spark I would do a resistance check on the coil and on the stator.

Either Blaine or Kev should show up in here eventually with the correct readings. My book dont have any info on the 700.
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