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I am trying to find out how Arctic Cat Corp. justifies the $10,499 MSRP on the Z1. I am a Cat rider but cannot understand why a similar horsepower Yamaha RS Vector ER has an MSRP of $8,699. The horspower is within 5hp, the weight higher on the Z1 depending on where you read it, and the Yamaha has higher tech warmers and remote adjustable skidframe shock.

The Cat does have fuel injection but is on an unproven engine of a new design. I expect the Yamaha to be fuel injected next year just as they did with their 4 cyl. this year. The new Cat chassis is rock solid but the Yamaha has rave reviews also.

I think Cat is really streching the limit on what I will pay for a 120hp 4-stroke. The Yamaha Apex ER is fuel injected, has 150 hp, weighs 20 lbs. less than the Z1, has a remote adjustable skidframe shock, and still has an MSRP of $10,199. $300 less for a lot more features.

I only hear good things from people riding the Yamaha's and wonder what Cat is thinking with their sky high price. Any thoughts?
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