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2015 xf7000 limited
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Hi there,

I recently bought a 2015 xf7000 limited with 2500kms on it. Changed the chaincase oil and filled through the extension hole. When I put the actuator back on I rotated the extension 20deg clockwise and put the servo on. When I position the servo over the 3 screw holes the extension isn’t in the forward position groove on the detent block (extension still 10-15deg offset from the groove) I fired up the sled and hit reverse and it went into reverse and out once then jammed. took the servo apart and spun the gear 90 degrees as it was jammed and likely damaged. Now the servo works but im hesitant to put the servo back on the chaincase and try again incase something is jammed in the chaincase which may have caused the servo to jam the first time. Is there any way to manually confirm that the chaincase is operating properly, in particular the reverse operation before installing the servo? If not I guess ill just put it back on and try again. But wanted to check because if the servo gear strips/jams again ill have to buy a new one.

thanks in advance
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