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Xf 7000 and viper bar risers

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What will fit, who recommends what?
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I just installed the Rox adjustable unit on mine. The stock riser is 5.5" so I went with the 6" to 8.25" riser.
Appears to be well made, (made in the USA) nice machine work and it came with the release levers.
The throttle cable and brake hose are long enough that I can run it all the way up to 8.25" with no issues or binding!
Going to try it out tomorrow to see how it worksCat happy
I had the skidoo one in my hands this morning checking it out. Looks nice quality. But i have no prob with the stock one. I have shorter legs
So far I really like the Rox adjustable one. Most of the time I run it at the 7" rise position which seems to fit me well for my height (5' 11"). For some mountain riding conditions I will move it all the way up to the 8.25" (ape hanger:lol: position)!
Mtnviper, so you had no issues with clearance on wires putting that riser on your sled? I'm 6'3" and could use a little more height on my bars on my 14 zr 7000, but dont want to deal with the wires being to short and what not. The rox 6.5 to 8.25 sounds about perfect for me. Thanks
PM reply sent:thumbguy:

For others who are wondering about the wiring, the stock harness on a XF7000 is long enough for the 6" to 8 1/2" adjustable riser!Cat happy

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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