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If anything, they're going to be more durable in the cold than hot weather. Most plastics will be softer when warm/hot, harder when cold.

I noticed something about the WYO's bushings I have, the ones close to the shock body have 'moved' a bit but seem to be stabized now. Plowing & winter use didn't seem to have any effect. The bushings at the rod end have not moved at all.

They've stabilized, but to be honest I didn't get many miles on the ATV last year in the hot weather. So we'll see how they work out this year, as I'll be able to ride much more than last year.

I fly the ATV about as close to a moto-cross type of riding as you can get. Shock dampening fades very quickly, faster on hot days. The last brand new set of stock bushings lasted 200 miles, maybe less because the ones on the shock body side were already punched clean through by the time I replaced them... Metal to metal! This is likely due to the heat from the shock body softening them up.

Heat? Yes, shock covers are out of the question for me... The shocks need airflow to cool. They get so hot you can't touch them for very long without the sensation your finger is getting burnt.

They get incredibly hot, If I cross a 12" x 50' long puddle on the trail and stop on the other side, the shocks are bone dry within seconds and still hot even with all the water & crap thrown at them off the tires. It's kind of wierd, the entire ATV is dripping with water and mud, yet the shocks are bone dry in an instant. I could hardly believe it first time I noticed.

For the aggressive moto-cross-style riders getting low bushing lifespan... Shock heat migrating from the shock body softens the plastic and adds to the problem. Wyo's bushings are definitley more heat resistant & durable.

For non-aggressive riders, but with high rack loads... The extra weight may cause more articulation of the suspension than lightly loaded, so it's still possible to get the shocks to heat up and soften the plastic. Maybe not as bad though. Higher rack weights alone will impose more pressure upon the bushings, so if the shocks don't heat up it's just a matter of time before the pressure squishes the stock bushings.

How many miles is everyone getting out of the stock bushings?

Has anyone ever worn out a set of Wyo's bushings?
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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