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What a terrible weekend...!!!!

Picked up my new sleds last week, 06 ZR-900 and a 05 F7 (both brand new) took Friday off work and headed to saint ignace...What could be better....Right? Hit the trail and the ZR runs up to 50mph, and 6000 rpm, and bogs right down!!!! won't go any faster!!!! Thinking, what the ----! think maybe it was a fluke and it will go away, ahh Nope, go back to hotel, called the dealer, he talked me through a few checks, sled still won't run right...load them back up on the trailer..and walk across the parking lot to the bar....where many, many beers are comsumed....Get up and head to the nearest dealer, which is only 30 miles away...:( they work on it for 2 hours, come to the conclusion that the ECU is bad, but of course they don't have one..:( Time to head home, but have to go back to saint ignace 1st and pick up the 250 miles home, with a total of 5 miles on new sleds!!!!!! unload ZR, load T-Cat....drink more beer.... Leave at 7:00am Sunday, go 125 miles to cabin to ride for the day...find out there is more snow there, then in saint ignace. manage to ride a couple hundred miles...

Moral to the Story......If you've got it, never leave home without your back up!!!!!!

You know I almost loaded the T-cat up before I left, but figured with 2 new sleds....WHY BOTHER!

Dropped the sled off monday to the dealer, they called today and told me its the fuel pump. said its suppose to carry 42psi, it is creating 84!!!!! says that its just flooding the cylinders.....
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