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Wildcat 700 eating reed valves

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Hi everyone,

I have a 1991 Wildcat 700 that likes to eat the reed valves. I decided to remove the reed valves and place a block off plate in their place.
Has anyone had experience doing this and if so is there anything else I need to do like changing the jetting?

Thank you,
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They are pretty good on reed valves, but not the reed cage which chips and then the steel reeds crack and break. Find some better cages and put in boyesen or spi reeds
No cages, just 1 single reed pedal per side and the cylinder has to be removed to access it. One of a kind and only used on the 650/700 engines from 1988 to 2000
yes cylinder has to be removed, still a reed cage and 4 pedals
If you look close at the picture you will see chips in the cage, black area.
On one cage I have an allen key holding up a broken reed pedal and can see chips under it. The pedal next to it is cracked also and will break.

If you look close at the pic with the assembled reeds they are dual stage reeds. Even if one breaks they will not damage your engine.


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