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Wildcat 700 eating reed valves

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Hi everyone,

I have a 1991 Wildcat 700 that likes to eat the reed valves. I decided to remove the reed valves and place a block off plate in their place.
Has anyone had experience doing this and if so is there anything else I need to do like changing the jetting?

Thank you,
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Those engine arent known for eating reed valves. A single reed on each side, kinda a one of a kind engine. I'd guess you have an exhaust restriction that's causing back pressure, or the wrong pistons in it. I've owned a 650 wildcat, a 93 wildcat, and a 99 ZR 700. All had that same design and never broke a reed. pistons facing backwards? Blocking off that will kill performance. it may not even run.
No cages, just 1 single reed pedal per side and the cylinder has to be removed to access it. One of a kind and only used on the 650/700 engines from 1988 to 2000
I consider a reed cage 2 sets of reeds and frame that holds both. I never thought the 700 of that era had a cage, but I guess it really is a cage. On My 99 ZR700, I replaced the stockers with carbon tech. The OEM's were in great shape as in no damage. That engine blew up once and still never hurt the reeds. I sold that machine years ago. Good engine, vibrated at idle, horrible gas mileage. Still a fun machine.
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts