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Where Are You From In Illinois?

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I live in Sycamore, IL (DeKalb County) Region 5 and am the Vice-President of the Kishwaukee Super Sledders.

Where are you from? I dunno
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Hey! We hail from Yorkville. If anyone asks, I explain it as being SW of Aurora. And if I'm in a different state, I just say I'm from Chicago :p In reality, it takes a good 50 minutes to get to downtown Chicago on a good day. On a bad day, I've been stuck in traffic for 3 hours... We've been enjoying the trails in "up north" WI, mainly around Butternut/Mercer Turtle-Flambeau Flowage area. We've enjoyed the trails around Eagle River and Sayner, and while fun, they were much more crowded than the TFF. We'd love to sled in the UP, heard great things about it. And I suppose it would make sense to find a trail closer to home in IL, eh?

Also, hola to the Somonauk peeps! We've got a friend that just moved up from Peoria living in Somonauk. He works for the Yorkville school district. Unfortunately he doesn't snowmobile, but we're trying to get him to, and of course trying to get him to commit to a certain brand *coughCATahemcough* :)
Schaumburg, IL here ride mostly in WI at our cabin in Rome or Fenimore Boscobel area as well as Eagle River and Spooner Long lake . I have friends of the family that help run region 5.
Originally from Rochelle, now live in Dekalb, but ride out of Creston if that makes any sense. I really should try to get out of region 3 this year and try the trails around region 5.
Kirkland its near dekalb, ride the trail system out by byron and up by castle rock wi.
Spring Grove, Region 5, any further north you will be in Wisconsin.
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Spring Grove, Region 5, any further north you will be in Wisconsin.[/b]
My sister & bro in law live in that same town. State park & cuneo rd.. Nice Town!
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I live in Lawrenceville, il It's in Lawrence county.It's a smalll town about 4700 people.[/b]
Darn, I thought I was the most southern Illinoian here. I have clients in your neck of the woods in Robinson, Olney, Mt Carmel, etc, that I see about once a month.

I live in O'Fallon, grew up in Breese. In 20 minutes I can be in downtown St Louis MO, to give some of you northerners some perspective.

im about 1/2 hour south of ya by lively grove. We were riding last night by carbondale
Orangeville Illinois. Stephenson and Jo Davies county have awesome trails along with Wisconsin counties Green, Rock, Dane and Laffeyette(spelling). Trails are hard to beat when we have snow..
Elgin ill here.............sleds home is in st germain looks like quite a few on this site ride there. one week we all should hook up. And when they call us fibs well kick them in the nuts !


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I live in Elliott, IL (pop. 370) FORD County 30 miles north of Champaign/Urbana, but I grew up in Melvin, IL (pop 500) just about 6 miles north of where I live now.

I love it out here in the boonies! town streets are my personal dragstrip when on the sleds.... (or motorcycles)
i live in fox river grove which is on rt 14.i ride the local power lines alot and the trail system around woodstock.ive lived gere a long time and hope every year for the fox river to freeze good snd saif.its really fun when its safe!
Mason City 2700 people right between peoria and springfield dont have sled just wheelers
Plainfield IL near I-55 and I-80
New Lenox, Il which is just west of Joliet
Born and raised in Galesburg (Lake Bracken). Moved to Iowa for college in '92 and been here ever since. Here is one of my sleds and no snow to ride on :angry:


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Mt Carroll, IL like 15 mins west of the Mississippi and hour south of Wisconsin border.
Rock Falls, IL here

About an hour east of the QC, hour southwest of Rockford, hour north of Peoria, and an hour west of the burbs. 17" of snow Tuesday. Heck yeah. 1989 Arctic Cat Cougar 500.
Sycamore IL just off RT 64.
Chissel plow and flat fields for most trails here.
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rockford il here. this dec. has been a drag!
no snow accept a 1.5 dusting and no significant snow on the 10 day forecast. this blows
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