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where are all the ohioans

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We all know theres not to many places to ride in ohio so where do you guys ride... lookin for new spots and ideas to ride... i normally ride in michigan cadillac and UP.. used to ride new york till last yr :angry: mayville area.. where do you guys ride and reviews of trails Cat happy
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Since I see you are in Cleveland you are more than welcome in our neck of the woods. Nowhere near as nice as what i assume the U.P. to be but my club alone has a 45 mile loop. We adjoin to a few other clubs and make the connection between OH and NY.

I can give instructions on where to park trailers and such. We get lots of guys from Pittsburgh up here. I'll even make sure the groomers get out the night before you drive over. ;)
i think i have heard of that loop before was just never sure where it was ... a friend heard from another friend whos name i believe was ray <-- my club arcticchat member bman's club which adjoins ours
thanks looks like a new adventure.. one other question is we used to ride up in the alleganies by the kinsue (not sure of spelling) dam . do you know if there is still riding up there ? or is there other nice areas in PA to ride
Actually we were just looking at that ourselves. I've never been there but my Dad was there about 8 years ago. I'll try to dig up the link to the trail map. My camp and my grandfather's camp are directly on the trail in two different spots (James City and Westline.)

EDIT: that didn't take long to find-
wow thanks alot Not worthy: ... i have never actually ridden in PA my dad and his buddies where telling me about it thanks again
Hey guys,
Im in the ohio area and looking for a good place to ride also. I usually ride in Michigan area. There isn't very many good places to ride around here! I seen that some of you ride in the NW ohio and the PA area???? Good riding there? I belive that I talked to marv46 last year but I never got around to ride with ya!
ya i remember talkin to ya to haha.. um i havent been to PA yet but hopefully this year as far as around me in ohio i cant find anywhere but farm property and roads to run which all suck.. :wacko:
Like I said in my PM to marv- our trails range from fantastic to absolute crap. (although I've seen Tug Hill as complete crap too...) We don't have the large trails or large equipment that guys out in Michigan or our brothers from Canuckistan have. We used to groom with Yamaha Vikings but have recently moved up to a Skandic SWT with another hopefully on the way. Our grant has been held up a bit for our new large tracked groomer. The system between us and our neighboring clubs is IMO pretty good. We tend have pretty decent signage and have lots of snowmobile-friendly local businesses. Food and gas is easy to find.

If you guys come up I'll try to make sure the groomers make it out the night before!
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Like I said in my PM to marv[/b]
never got that PM but thats okay just read your post .. ....
i dont mind bumps either i dont want to fall asleep while im riding :D
Im here, let it snow and we all can hook up. I ride in cherry creek Ny . its only a 3 hr drive from elyria is were im from.... and ride over to mayville , but it sucks there cuz of lack of snow or heavy traffic. Over were i ride deeper snow and lots of trails Rockerdude
yea i love chautauqua lake area especially the 2 1/2 hr drive from me.. but the rules lately are getting really annoying so didn't even go once last yr
Registration. A separate $100 NY registration is required and they not only enforce it heavily ($$) but they have also stepped up their radar use enforcing their arbitrary speed limit ($$$$$$.) The socialists are running the show up there so it's not surprising.... (anyone have to do business with NY state!?!?!? Holy crap!) Their trails ARE really nice though.

marv- uh oh... who did I send that PM to!?!? :lol:

Edit: I sent that PM to 03zr9
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marv- uh oh... who did I send that PM to!?!?[/b]
yep joezr2 pretty much sumed up the rules also i dont run stock pipe setup which anything other than stock no matter how loud it is they will ticket been there done that .. last time i was there we went through 4 or 5 check points or trail blocks in 1 saturday and that was the last time i went there... feel bad for the businesses
How much is the registration in the PA area? I would like to do some riding were I dont have to travel 4-5 hrs to get some good riden in.
I'm not sure if it's different for an out of state resident but ours is around $25 for TWO years last I remember. Personally I think that's way too cheap. I would prefer to see (arbitrary number) $50 or $100 for two years and have trail passes issued by the clubs rather than paid to the state then get funneled back to the clubs through the current, inefficient system.... but that's just me.. :D

I think you can get them here:
i pay 30 for a club in ny and 45 for stickers, for the year, i also run a can in ohio but out of state i dont mind putting back on my stock can. it worth the trails there, 3 hr trip and only time i see a check point is near havey traffic area or state parks, other then that we rip.
I was sledding in pa a few years ago were the ohio sticker was good there to but not sence they changed it , we rolled out of tr 18 i think that was the exit and then a few miles down the road unload then rode the trails to the ny state line it alot of fun kinda miss it, well thats my 2 c's
How are the trails near the Cleveland and PA area I live just north of Toledo and I usually go to grayling MI to ride but still no snow
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