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CanAm 450

Now the Can Am has a 450

now you get

Yamaha 450
Honda 450
Suzuki 450
ATK 450(Canondale)
Kawisaki 450
GasGas 450
CanAm 450

that is 7 450s

Polaris has the 525 yet still no 450 either

I am am truly surprised the way Cat has handled this

The DVX was nothing more than a Z/KFX 450

Still a nice bike but not a true Cat engineered racer like they have dominated snowmobiling over the past 30yrs on and off

It would be nice to see a DVX 450r or even a Sport 4x4 in the 500-800cc range like the Renegade/Scrambler/Wolverine

Cat has major talent in its engineering department yet is complacent(sp?) on letting them loose
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