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What needs Improvement well...

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For starters you can add a couple chain case drain & fill plugs. Having to tear the sled into pieces just to change the chain case oil is Nuts!!! Speaking of chain cases, Having a second chain with out a tensioner on the chain is just asking for problems. I am also in favor of a mechanical reverse VS these electric motors that leave you stranded between gears.

How about moving the oil tank so you can get at the chain case with out draining all the engine oil.

You need to put the fuse block some where that is easy to get at with out having to unbolt parts to get at it. A good place would be in front the handle bars under the google bag where you can get at it easily.

Install rivet nuts in body panels instead of riveting them on so you can remove belly pan part so you can work on these things would be a very welcome addition.

How about installing some good bearings instead of Made in China bearings that the metal from the bearing balls actually flake off. (I have replaced 3 of these so far with NTN & SKF bearings in under 2000 miles)

You could also go back to having the jack shaft / Chain case unbolted from the engine. While the idea seems like a good idea in all reality it don't work very well.

A hood that folds open and you can get at things like the old sleds would be real nice VS unbolting and taking pieces off and a wider body that gives you some better wind protection would be very welcome as well. These new sleds are a lot colder to ride VS the Twin spar, The F5-7 series or even the old Zr's & Zrt's.

I currently own a pair of 2014's and they are a engineering disaster under the hood IMO. Al
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That is true. The other reason is for programming the GPS while the sled isn't running.
In addition to previous mentioned problems, maybe its time for the two stroke and 4 stroke chassis to part ways. That whole high pressure, team clutch/fixed plate between the engine and jackshaft idea has to go. Give me a secondary with 3 points of contact and a torsional spring instead of a compression spring. Lower spring pressures and the lighter clutch weights that go with it makes less heat and gets more power to the ground. 2 stroke needs to be like the race sled (chaincase/panels etc.) and the four strokes can have their dealer serviceable chassis. There are two camps here. The rider that just wants to turn the key and go, has little or no idea how to repair/tune to their liking and the fanatic who takes their machine to its limits, is gonna break stuff, and needs a basic easy chassis to work on.
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This is more under the 'parts and accessories' category, but they should make a LED headlight update kit that would retrofit into the older Procross sleds. Hell, if somebody on this site can do it, engineering should be able to figure it out. They'd sell a ton of them. I doubt it would hurt sled sales. I never heard of anybody buying a new sled just for the headlight.
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