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Ok Allegan Co. south has the best snow. Wanna go north then go to Paridise, or gaylord area!

Baldwin area north hasn't much snow,.....Called Peacocks on M-37 about an hour ago {3:30} Thur.}
they said its just flurrying now only about an Inch forcasted from now threw Sat. The reseptionist also told me shes hearing people saying there eaither going towards Gaylord to ride, But shes heard alot of sledders want to head south towards K-zoo area.

I live Mid-Northern Allegan co. ........ Yesterday mid noon Wed. trails were fair to good the {pipe lines}
so there called were AWESOME.....about 300yrds wide for miles lots of deep snow.

The farther south from there the better it gets.........Kal-haven trail area gets better to the south.

As of NOW.........looking out the window, its coming down good, got 5"+ since wed. morrning

2-4" more tonight

Was gonna go to the white cloud area Sat. but I'm staying here........Called BIRDS in W.C., they said the same as Peacocks but its "OK" arround the city, but if you head towards Baldwin it get worse, they havent had any REAL good snow in about 2-weeks, Not like Allegan Co. and south.
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