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I feel your pain man, I was also part of the bad Firecat week to the tune of a hood and side panel...

In my case I was a little to complacent when riding a trail at night, I looked back after a sharp curve to see if my friend was okay (had made the curve) and when I looked in front of me again, I was about 20 feet from a bridge over a brook. I was aimed way right and wasn't able to cut back in time. The sled ended up landing on its side and the damage wouldn't have been half as bad except there was an old wooden fence and sign in front of the bridge that I hit when trying to cut back. The wood slid up the hood and caught the vent splitting the hood.

The sled took the impact on its side panel, and I was very lucky that I wasn't hurt, or that the sled didn't suffer more damage (a-arms or skis or anything).

Anyway, hoods aren't cheap, and I had just put an ArcticFX kit on.

Needless to say I was pretty upset, and I have lost a bit of my nerve because of this accident, but as others have said...At least we weren't hurt right.
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