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Water Wetter (or other similar products) will not make your machine run cooler than the thermostat. They work by changing the chemistry of the water, making it as efficient as it can be for your machine. In an sense Water Wetter makes the water wetter.

Boil a pan of water on the stove. Just prior to the water reaching the boiling point you will notice small bubbles forming all over the pan. These initial bubbles are adsorbed gases in the water being "driven" out the heat and each represents a mini-hot spot. Get enough of them when your machine is operating near the boiling point and it can over heat. The cooling system is also not operating as well as it could under that circumstance. Water Wetter reduces the preciptiation of these gases and maximizes cooling system efficiency.

Ship engineers talk about feed water chemistry. When these bubbles form in a boiler tube there can be "melt through" and the tube must be plugged until overhaul replaces them. They do everything possible to remove adsorbed gases so these bubbles do not form. This is the principal by which Water Wetter works, it really does make the water wetter, but will not reduce the temperature below the level of the thermostat.
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