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Washington Co/ BarnStormers to Hartford

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Well, we figured with mid week temps going up into the 40s, that we'd better get out while there was still snow. As expected....some OK...some bad...and some terrible. NONE good or great. But all better than the NO SNOW season we had last year......

I'd bet that most of the trails will be closed in the next day or 2. Going out of Adirondack B&G... it's now all dirt all the way to the the Boar's Nest (this was on the way back to the trailer. GOING out this AM was VERY THIN...). Boar's Nest to the #27 intersection (C4 and C4E) is slightly better, maybe 80% dirt/ 20% snirt. Rest of our treck was decent. Went down C4E to C4B across the canal onto C4 up to the Hartford Tavern. Got there about 20 mins too early since they open at noon. So we took the loop down into Argyle, back up C9A to C4, and then back to the canal. This time we went north up the canal on C4 into Fort Ann, crossed by Walker's then looped down to Sally's Hen House for lunch. From there, down S46 to C4B to C4 back to the trailer at Adirondack.

Better then what we couldn't do last season. Just hope that after the mid-week warm up that temps go back down and we get more snow...
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Sorry I didn't take many pics today.....
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