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W.S.E Cat Demos

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We've been Cat owners since the 70's and upgraded from our 05 Mtn sleds and bought 2 2015 M's. After a hundred or so miles we discovered these sleds aren't what we wanted. We went to the World Snowmobile Expo in West Yellowstone, Mt. this year{again} so we could try out diferrent Cat models to find a good fit. We were really disappointed to find that all they had to demo were Mtn. Cats! Not everyone here in Mt. rides mt.sleds because we do have hundreds of miles of groomed trails and riding Mt. sleds on them is kinda pointless if you don't leave the trail much. We'd like to purchase a couple of ZR's, El Tigres, or XF's but it would be nice if we could demo them first. We didn't get to do that with our new M's and now we pretty much ride our old Cats and the new M's sit in the trailer.:crying:crying:crying
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This thread has now been moved to the Textron feedback forum. I feel it will help get your message/concerns through to the corporations eyes and ears a lot better.
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