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If you are putting a torque link skid in (purple arms shown on skid) a non torque link sled it will not bolt right in. You need to drill new holes.

You will need to add a plate first as the link above describes. Then drill the front holes 2" forward and 4" down. Then, drill the rear holes 2 3/4" forward and 5 1/4" down in the dimple in the existing bracket that's on the side of the tunnel. All measurements are done inside the tunnel for greater accuracy. Then it should bolt in.

I compress the suspension to 23 3/4" bolt hole to bolt hole and then install the skid with the back up in the air just enought to get the front hole bolts in then lower the rear on to the rear holes and bolt them up and tighten all bolts down.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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