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well me and my friends was atv ride and the in fronth was tell every one 2 slow down and he said he haerd my fronth tries lock up on the road as the back of the atv came over top of me when the brakes lock up and he watch the hole thing been in the fronth and said when we was slowing down he said the was from 10 to 15 mph and when i got out from under the atv and seen my right arm in the middle and then went to haspital but u get the idea from there but when i come home well at grandmas for all the sweet food but friday my cuz and the friend that watch they look around the atv and found that fronth one router look like it was hot and hard and ruff but i didn't see but my cuz and friend it but then again i did look that good when i was takin the pictuers of the the atv and stall ownly 5 mouths old and i told the dealer to take it back so the dealer said he call arcitc cat plant or haed quaters but i am keeping the one my 1998 arcitc cat 500 4x4 the new one ownly has 172 miles on it when it happen or maybe 175 nothing more or nothing less so i douno what well happen to the atv i hope it well be gone for good but who knows
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