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Turbo Clutching....I NEED TO WHEELIE

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Dialing in the clutching on my turbo build. My overall goal with this is build was a crazy fast out of the hole wheelie machine. Im making more than enough power to do it, just cant seem to get the clutch right. I would PREFER to be able to make this happen without having to go to Tapp clutch, which I feel like is doable seeing how close it is to lifting currently.
Current setup:
@sea Level
Stock primary
  • STM Super Tip Arms Loaded to max weight (14g) in the heel, 8g in the mid, 1g in the tip
  • 50/250 Spring (have several different springs ive been trying, Love the drivability of this spring but im sure not ideal for my goal)
Stock Secondary
  • 38-45 STM helix
  • OEM Spring
Have a few different helix's and springs ive been trying
Have an ALS Strategy for my Launch control to leave on boost, max ive been able to get without stalling is 1.5psi off line

With this current clutch setup it has awesome mid range power and good top end, RPMS are decent, but its just super flat coming out of the hole. Went to a 55 straight, OEM 40-50, and a 50-56P Helix and belt slips in the secondary on launch.
And I have a purple Alba primary spring I can use so I can leave on higher boost/rpms, but Id like to use that as last resort since the stall is massive

My clutching experience is limited, I dont want to be chasing my tail here so what are yall turbo guys/clutch gurus doing for drag setups or hard holeshots?? And any better belts than OEM for high HP application?
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@MoonsOut_GoonsOut , this is a great forum, but I think you'll get more specific XX turbo and clutching info over at the Wildcat specific forum.
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