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They are out of stock for most of the popular ones, i.e. scatter green and others. Bring em back please. They look great and are reasonably priced. I bought orange scatter for our orange and white '16 LXR and it looks great. Not too much but still a bold looking kit. Wanted to get the same for my '15 el tigre' in green. Been out of stock or no longer available for a few years now. If you have something that seems to be very popular, why discontinue it? Another complaint is with the quads, the 05 and up body style had an add on for the warn winch switch housing. You pulled 2 screws out of the left hand control, replaced the lower housing with the warn winch switch housing and put 2 longer screws back in. Nice clean look and in the right place especially for us snow plow users. The new body style comes with new hand controls and this part doesn't swap over to it. So off to the the dealer I go to order the new one. Guess what? they dont make a new one. Again Why? This isnt Rocket Scientology here, its something that should be a given. Who comes up with these stupid ideas to eliminate products that are usefull or just plain kewl? You need "common sense" employees, not over paid college educated dingbats who think they know how to save a nickel. The new racks on the ATV's are useless junk. Flimsy/weak and way under built. Wake up textron.
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