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Trail conditions in Tug hill/adirondacks

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I live in central new york where we don't have any snow at the moment. I was wondering how the trail conditions are further north. Getting to the point where we are going to have to load the sleds up and up north for a few days to actually ride our sleds. Any input on the trailers further north is helpful. I would be planning on staying a few days to best places to stay is helpful too. Thanks
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Im From the Elmira/Corning area, Temp was 48 at my house today, Weather says Mid 50's tomorrow. Hopefully the snow sticks @ tughill, headed up Feb,7th
I will be up there the 5th-6th. To bad you weren't going up earlier would be nice to meet up with people from Arctic Chat.
I would be nice, but Im going up for the 7th and 8th. If the snow is still here, It should be snow in Elmira right now supposed to get 3in and more the next couple days
Man that sucks. You will be going up as I am going back home.
i would love to go up there. we got some snow out in phoenix to ride but still would be nice to go up north where theres more snow
Firecat500, If you get home before 5am on thursday, look me up of post the conditions if you think of it. I like to know so we dont trailer up there for nothing. Thanks bud
Yea BuckF7 I will try and remember to post something about how the trails are. I will be heading home Wednesday night so you should have an update before you would leave. They are suppose to be having snow today and tonight so hoping they get plenty so it stays good for riding.
Any Imformation on the Trail conditions at TUG HILL? Thinking about making another trip
I know it's early but our group wants to plan a trip to upstate New York this season, thinking tug hill area can anyone tell me where the best lodging, trail heads are should we venture out by ourselves or do a tour. Help please, we will be hauling from Wisconsin
I would wait on the NY Tughill unless you want to really beat your sled, just 50's last week. It is snowing but no base, not even close. Also it is hunting season and trucks will be on many of the seasonal roads. I would plan after Thanksgiving. Hunting season will be over. Plenty of lodging, check out Craigslist, you should find plenty of camps.
Like bigparm said you will want to wait awhile before there is enough snow up there to really make the trip worth it. As for lodging I have stayed at Ridge-View in Lowville. Ridge View Lodge - Comfort, Clean, Pleasant Stay - Rooms and Suites - Lowville, NY ( Rooms were a good price and it was a really nice place. Plenty of room to park trucks and trailers. Trail is right out back so can ride right from your room pretty much. They are really good to snowmobilers. Have some supplies for sleds behind the counter, great to talk about where to ride. I had really good luck staying there. When I go up just for a one day ride I parkt at the nice and easy gast station in constableville. But being you are doing a long road trip to get here I am guessing you would want to do more than just one day of riding.
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I know it's early but our group wants to plan a trip to upstate New York this season, thinking tug hill area can anyone tell me where the best lodging, trail heads are should we venture out by ourselves or do a tour. Help please, we will be hauling from Wisconsin
be sure to get a map, you don't need a guide but GPS would be nice if loaded with sled is signed better than it used to be but still is lacking in some areas, the snow can come down heavy at times so watch the weather, traveling after dark can be tricky in a squall, , Tughill has good riding during the week but if the rest of the state is low on snow the trails get pretty beat on weekends and guys ride pretty fast up there,Trail heads are all over, the best towns to unload are Redfield, (west side), Barnes Corners, (North side), West Lyden, (east side), Florence, (South side), I owned a camp there for 30 years, the area has a lot of trails, some nice scenery, and often has snow when no one else does, however, as I mentioned, weekends can be crazy, I take the 1st week in february off every year before presidents week (which brings a lot of traffic) and ride midweek and often only pass 20 sleds a day, grooming is good during the week, sometimes it will take a couple days to put it back together after a busy weekend but they do a good job, bars may be closed monday so it is good to go to a bigger town for lunch on that day, watch your gas, in certain areas it may be hard to find, best to ask other sledders when you head out about availabilty.
book your rooms now, they fill up all winter, Montaque Inn is right up in the deep snow and offers rooms, if you have ladies along and want something a little better than a back woods inn, try the Edge Hotel or the Beeches in Rome NY.
let it snow!!:sno:
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If you come out spend the $20 on the NYS Snowmobile Trails app for your smartphone. Worth every penny. Make sure to head over to Stillwater Hotel for a drink and a meal or even to stay. Joe and Marian are awesome people who treat you great.

Stillwater Hotel

We've been on the Tug 3 weekends in a row now.
Last outing I snapped the eye off a new Ride FX r/shock.
Rough?......Not really the word I'd use, more like destroyed.
Tug Hill Evil Twin

Where were you running through? That run between Osceola to Montague? Just wondering where you dump in. I drop at 46 (always mint, like a highway) and head north from there, it progressively got worse once I hit the Hook and Ladder in Lowville. Anything north was like a snowcross track. Sorry to hear about your bust. Hopefully this snow is falling up there.
We are going to try to find some smoother stuff this weekend.......not up on the hill though.
Breaking out the Thunderkitty too.Cat happy
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