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Today the Laurel Highlands S.C. president, Kerri Schott, sent out this email to the membership. It's important that everyone be aware of this crucial potential loss and tell their friends to take it easy (or we can lose the privilege to ride there).


Dear Members,

I just wanted to take a few moments to clarify two items and also provide a
warning regarding the Laurel Mountain Village.

First, and most important, I received a phone call today from the
Association at the Laurel Mountain Village. The Laurel Mountain Village is
private property. They have been more than flexible over the last several
years permitting snowmobiles to travel through the village to obtain access
between Walat's, the trails North of Route 30 and the trails between Route
30 and the Turnpike. This is trail access that we would not want to lose.
The only thing the homeowners in the Village have asked for is that the
snowmobilers drive slowly when passing through, drive on the proper side of
the road and be courteous. This doesn't seem to be that difficult of a
task, yet the snowmobilers aren't following these rules. The person I
spoke to today is very close to shutting off trail access to snowmobiles
through the village. Over the weekend, snowmobiles were travelling at high
speeds, riding on the wrong side of the road and disrupting work being done
by heavy equipment. It is up to each of us to follow the rules or we can
only blame ourselves when we lose the trail.

A lot of people come to the Laurel Highlands to snowmobile and may not be
members of the club so they will not see this e-mail. Please take a moment
to talk to your friends or family members who might ride through the
village and who might not get this e-mail and explain to them the
importance of the rules I've listed above. If you are out on the trail and
somebody asks you how to get through the village, before telling them,
emphasize that they must travel slow, be courteous, not disrupt others and
ride on the proper side of the road. If everybody spreads the word,
hopefully we can mend the wrong that's been done and continue to have
access through the village.

<edit for membership-specific information>

If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to call or
e-mail me. Thank you!

Kerri Schott
Laurel Highlands Snowmobile Club
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