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Hello friends. It's been a LOOOONG time. Like many of you, I have been reinvigorated by the news of the new Alterra 600/Tracker Offroad 600. I like the overall look of the machine, and see an interesting platform to build off. Except, Cat WILL NOT let me have a locker! The reason I bought my 04 650 v2 all of those years ago was because of the locker. My opinion on needing one has not changed.

So I reached out to Torqmasters last night, who build the Torqlocker for Jeeps, trucks, and powersports products including the Can Am Renegade. This morning they emailed me back and said that they would be interested if the market is there. They also asked me for information that I'm unsure of, and I'm hoping that you all can help me.

I will attach a screenshot of their response email into this post. If you wish to contact them as well, they can be reached at [email protected](dot)com. You can reach Cora specifically by changing "info" to "cora". I hope you'll consider showing support for a new product for those who might have the new machines and want to push them further. I know that if something like this were available, I'd consider picking up a new Cat machine to do a new woods or mud build.

So Cora asked me which years and models have open front differentials, and if larger models have lockers. I am unsure of this answer as I haven't followed Cat as close in the last 10 years as I'm sure many of you have. Can you help with this info? Maybe a better question would be, which years and models have an open diff and use the same differential? Talking to my dealer, he says currently the only AC machines with lockers are the TRV and the XX. I know the Wildcat Sport/Trail had a diff lock as well until its end in 19.

Posting the info here would be great for someone like myself who is unaware. If you are savvy with Cat's machines and parts info, maybe it would help if you shot the info over to Torqmasters as well. I'm kind of flying blind here, haha. Again I hope I'm not the only one who sees the value in getting a product such as this out there for the current and probably future Arctic Cat/Tracker product lines. I think it's a disappointment that Cat doesn't offer it from the factory. However if you've ever come across the threads from my 08 build, Cat not offering things has not stopped me in the past, and I'm sure it wouldn't stop many of you either. Thank you all for reading.

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