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Could anyone tell me where all this is comming from?? The one pic is the mag side cylinder and below it there is all that oil. Its REALLY gooey not runny at all. Then the other pics show right where the exhaust butts up to the jug and there is oil sitting there too, WHY?
So Is it just getting too much oil and if so how to fix?
Or does domething need to be replaced. Just rebiult the top end before a trip out west and it ran great and still does. Plugs look awesome so I had it jetted right.
Maybe I should just not worry about it.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Oh its a 600 triple 1997


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There are a few things to check out on that sled.
Check each choke plunger to make sure it is moving freely and closing all the way.
Check your oil consumption to make sure you're not using eccessive oil.
Check the piston wash on each piston for proper jetting.
Also on that sled you need to seal the exhaust gaskets with RTV and double up the springs. this will help contain any eccess fuel or oil. That exhaust system is hard to keep sealed.
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