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2009 Thundercat H2
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I've got a 2009 ThunderCat and I can't get anything other then a backlight when I turn the key.
I've tried cleaning the plug and contacts, removing the battery, and even replaced with a whole new gauge. Still nothing but a back light.

I recently found this sitting in a guys barn, not getting used. The paint and parts look VERY good for it's age, like it was hardly ridden and the bike is all stock.
I removed the old fuel and refilled with 93 and fuel system cleaner and changed the plugs and air-filter.

Parts on order- Fuel pump kit, Big Gun slip on, Dynatek FI controller(Bike is running WAY TO RICH), new belt, new tires, new injectors...

I've read about the crankcase vent upgrade and I'm planning on doing it. Any other upgrades that y'all recommend?

And help with common issues or quick fixes..

Thanks, JAKE


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