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ft kent from madawaska was great.
down its85 south to carter brook club was very very good and then to eagle lake was good also. its 85 groomed.
across the lake to 73 to 96 and up its83 to madawaska was plenty of snow and it was not groomed from eagle lake but it was like riding after a snow storm. it was still great.
and if you want the ride of the years end right now there is like 3 to 4 ft of snow over into nb canada.
i was up in frenchville last week end and there was plenty of snow.
i was up in the moose valley and it was great over the weekend and down to club du nord and over to club asno and all the way over to ft kent maine.
from ft kent maine over to nb on 39 north to 12 north to 17 east to moose valley was great did over 250 miles last saturday and there was atleast 3 to 4 ft of snow over the border.
i'm not sure of the trail # but it is right before you get to moose valley.
when you get to the hair pin turn that you can see moose valley.
there is a left turn instead.
it looked to me to be 17 east but was not.
anyway this was a very very great spot to ride.
we did over 50 miles out and back with some of the best off trail riding this year.
and this was in 40 degrees weather and trails have held up very well everywhere i have talked about.
if you want more riding.
this was the best riding all year for us.
did over 2300 miles this year and this was the best of the year.
trust me. sorry if some of this is hard to read.
if you need more info let me know.
f7Frank here driving the new f1000s/p lol
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