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Mine came in this past week... dealer is mounting it and I believe plans to dial (starting point) it in. He purchased one as well for his f1000. I am heading north in a few days and will report on how it goes when I return. I have been patiently waiting for good riding in northern Maine since Oct. 6 when my sled showed up at the dealer.

Since that time, he has added Ohlin's (4) corners, rail brace, 1.5" ripsaw, studs, larger TSL wheels, Duece carbides, and a few other goodies to improve the ride and sled characteristics. :thumbsup:

I also had them check for the air bubbles, track rub, stud clearance, and any other potential issues that I have found or were posted.
I will do my best to give a full report w/ pics when I return after the 12 days of riding. :super_happy: :beer_cheers: Not worthy:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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