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well I kninda know this is a fine line but as most know with psi bruce has burnt many bridges

and most dont want to deal with him
since I have gotten my 1080 and bruce has tried to sell me about 2,000 dollars of **** I dont need LoL
I have ran across jobi davids the go to guy at psi before the banks forclosed on psi performance and bruce opened shop back up in utah under psi power
well any how jobi davids has been pretty cool to me and has done me right on my psi motor has been able to get me all the parts I needed and so on so if any one that has a psi product that needs any thing feel free to call jobi at 920 787 3868

on my 1080 we had to re nic one cyl went ahead and got 2 new pistons and getting every thing ready to drop back in hopfuly by next week

so if you have somthing psi and need help with it jobi is the guy to call

(not trying to be an advertizer just most dont know who to turn to on the psi products)
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