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Hey everyone,

I know I posted this before but it seems to be getting worse. I have an 07 F8LXR (Non-sno pro) and I am having trouble with the rear skid sagging when the blocks are turned down on 1. The skid eventually sits down on the blocks (right in front of rear idler wheels). I can walk out and lift the back of the sled up 2-3" before it runs out of travel. This can't be normal because when I got the sled everything was tight.

Could this be a bad spring? Weak shock?

When I ride with it up on 2 everything is fine and it does not sag. I could see if I was riding really hard and it starts to sag on 1 but not when it is sitting in my garage. Any suggestions?

I have 500 miles on the sled but this started happening around 300miles.
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