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Hi everyone, a buddy of mine just emailed the following to me.

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety
Commission, Arctic Cat is voluntarily recalling 78,872
snowmobiles equipped with Steering Shaft (p/n

The steering shaft on the affected models may not be
adequately welded to the steering arm shaft. If this
condition exists, the steering shaft may come loose
from the steering shaft arm resulting in a loss of
steering control.

The following models and VINs are affected: All 2002
440 Sno Pro Models, All 2003 Firecat 500/600/700,
Firecat 700 Sno Pro, and 440 Sno Pro Models, All 2004
Firecat 500/600/700 (STD and Sno Pro) and Sabercat
500/600/700 Models, All 2005 Firecat 500/600/700 (STD
and Sno Pro), M5/M6/M7, and Sabercat 500/600/700
Models, All 2006 Crossfire 700, Firecat 500/600/700,
Firecat 700 Sno Pro, Sabercat 500/600/700, and the
MSeries (VIN Range of 4UF06SNWX6T100985 -
4UF06SNW26T128280 and the VIN Range of
4UF06SNW16T900039 - 4UF06SNW06T900064). NOTE: The VIN
ranges of 4UF06SNWX6T100985 - 4UF06SNW26T128280 and
4UF06SNW16T900039 - 4UF06SNW06T900064 apply to all the
2006 models listed above. For identification purposes,
it is necessary to refer to only the last six digits
of the VIN.

Now, hasn't this recall been out for awhile now? As far as I was originally told, all the recalls were up to date on my F6 SnoPro, but now that he's sent this to me, I wonder if he's just trying to be funny, or let me know.

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I think the recall came out late last year,, AC had a contest,, you were entered if you brought you sled in before DEC1,,, the winner got his/her choice of anyproduct in the AC lineup

anyone hear who won,,

don't forget about the tank update (sleeve in neck insert)

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I had the steering recall done in november 06. Heard about it here first. Brought it in to have the gas tank recall and the steering recall done, got the notice about the steering the week after it was already
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