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well what a disappointing yr it has been for me here
when out of my way to get a newer sled, , hoping THIS winter would at least be a normal yr, if not a great sled yr
and what a bust LOL
barely got 400 and change in miles on sled the whole season
only had my local trails open 1 day worth riding
and one trip to NY
so today it snowed at my place were calling for 12-18 inches or more
was ALL ready to hit the local trails, and then, the storm didn;t happen as they said
barely got 8 inches and the ground was thawed full of water and puddles
so that 8 inches didn;t add up to much, one pass and down to the ground
BUT I did make a short ride happen behind the house, stayed on the GOOD roads, NO rocks to hit, and few puddles

got a couple miles in, and gather its the last ride of the season
another lousy snow yr in my neck of the woods
sure makes one question staying in this sport
its awesome when there is snow, but, 3+ yrs in a row of NO snow, is making me want to bail
sure I am not alone
OH well, a pic or two of today


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