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Hey guys,

I'm quite pleased with myself for completing my new top-end on my 2004 ZR900 with the SPX piston kit. As is typical, I always install piston rings with letter stamps up. But I probably should have confirmed this first, and now I'm a tad worried to start my break-in procedure.

The rings have a small "R" stamped near one end. I automatically installed with the "R" up but should have checked the chamfer.
Does anyone have a set sitting out that they could verify for me??



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i am doing the same thing today
03 mtn cat 900
i moved clip to 4th postion
was on 2nd
installed 460 main jets was 350
i am at sea level
this is stock pipe can and airbox with self removed
sled has 830 origanal miles been sitting since 05 when it melted piston
po said out of warranty due to time so cat wouldnt fix it
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