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I took my plugs out of my sled, which I ran all last year. They are black and oily,, no carbon build up except at the base of that little finger that curves over top of the centre pin (how do you like that for being technical). The carbon build up is built up right at the base of the finger,, on the side and outside part. It was enough that I could get my finger nails under it to pop it off. I've just never seen carbon collect at that location before.

Note: before anyones says anything about too much oil,, I start my machine once a month through the summer to operating temp,, could this be causing it?? I don't let it idle too much, I keep the rev's up with some cracks of the throttle.

I have never taken my plugs out mid season to check what colour they but will be doing it this year,,,, I've heard it's quite entertaining of a task.
I would like to see a nice tan colour. With an EFI is it safe to say that if they are black (after a good long run) that I have too much oil going through?? Or can something else cause a black plug???

Thanks JDM

I miss that little round yellow guy reading a book and drinking a coffee (emicon??)
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