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IMHO black wheels are a no go. i think it's a horrible fad. scratches show up easy and they get dirty just as bad. remember, the black is just a paint where the aluminum finish is the actual material.

as far as steel rims go of your paying for a new set of wheels why not go aluminum? less weight, the make a good tire stand out and its not like a rim is gonna break.

i put like 900 miles on my itp T-7's in around 5 months. i would just polish them with some mothers wadding compound every month or so. as far as scratches go, hey... it's on a 4 wheeler right? scratches make stories and character lol..

also dremel makes a aluminum sanding and buffing kit if you really wanna get in there and "brush those teeth" haha

look at my sig and avitar.. that too is a 06 400. the aluminim doesn't look all that bad now does it!
good luck sir
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