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I just put 90 miles on today pretty much everything you stated is just as mine is, except mine uses ALOT of oil. I pull up to a stop sign and the blue haze catches up a few seconds later. My speedo goes wacky when I go form high to low beam sometimes.

The USI ski's make a HUGE diff. I noticed the exhaust is pretty throaty, sounds quite nice in stock form, I was never really impressed with the note of the F7 with a stock can (not talking about loudness, I am talking about the note) In my opinion anyone who bought Std 07 F series is not even getting 10% of this chassis's benefits.
I am noticing that the belt is slipping on take off, hopefully a shim change will cure that.

BTW, Labonte did you eat fish friday night at the Cayuga Inn ?[/b]
What type of USI skis are you using???
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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