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Well today I was bored and figured I would clean my exhaust pipes out from any carbon buildup. I took all 3 pipes off and cleaned them out with discarded speedometer wire that I had from an old 3-wheeler. I spent a good 3 hours on that. So while I had the ehaust pipes out of the way I looked around in that general area of the ehaust and glance around and something shiny catches my eye. I reach down and sure enough there was an old spark plug. I throw it away and reach down in the same area to make sure nothing else was there. Found another spark plug. Threw it out and kept doing this, I found 8 spark plugs under there. So I hooked up the shop vac and picked up all the leaves and twigs stuck in there. Now I also noticed alot of oil build up on the metal and it was pretty bad, so bad that a silver bar was black. So I took a rag and some WD40 and cleaned it all good and nice. Its all nice and shiny and the black underneath is all shiny and the metal is all shiny. Barly any oil left. I cleaned every square inch in all the nooks and crannys. So now this is when I start noticing some possible issues.

Ok so one issue I noticed was, a bar going from one side of the sled to to the other almost directly overtop the suspension, not connected to the steering or anything tho. It was just a bar for support. Well this bar had a pretty good crack in it. Now its pretty sturdy, obivously not as sturdy as it should be, but it seems to be good and doesnt really hold anything up, I asume is more of a safety thing if its crashed or something the whole thing wont just buckle in.

So after I put my newly cleaned ehaust pipes back on I noticed that there was a gasket just sitting on the ring of my can, and there were gaskets on the other ones as well except they were attached the ehaust pipes. This one was just sitting there and I couldnt pick it up and move it and all that stuff. So now leading back to my gas mileage issue. I assume if get some sealant for this it will help with my gas mileage a bit. Not sure but I thought someone said something about gaskets not sealed properly or something.

The odd part was, so far this one carb was really hard to get put back on when I took it off to replace my water trap hoses. When I removed the choke cables the only carb I had a problem with was this carb and the cable wouldnt go on for anything. I spent almost 20 minutes just tryng to get it back on. When I replaced the water trap hose, all of them were clear in the bottom except this one water trap hose under this carb. It was filled with gunk it looked pretty bad. Now, I take the exhaust off and find the gasket was sealed very well to the exhaust pipe where it meets the can at. Just seems odd that cylinder has these issues but thats just random input to me. But my main reason for posting this was to see if that gasket not being sealed will decline my gas mileage at all, I just want to get the best possible MPG. Thanks.
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