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I have a friend here that I'm helping rebuild his T-cat engine. It appears to have gone down due to lack of oil. The PTO bearings where gone and all 3 pistons where shot. 2 of the cylinders are runnable, but one needed to be replaced because one of the grooves are though the nickesil. We got a new cyl and a set of spi pistons we we are getting ready to put it together. I don't have the book so I need the following information:

1. Torque specs on the case, cyls, head, clutch bolt, and flywheel bolt.
2. How do I index the counter balance shaft to the crank? Are there marks to line up? I don't have it in front of me.
3. How much oil should this use when testing the oil pump. I'm thinking around 1.2-2cc closed @ 3000rpm for 3 minutes and 13cc open @ 3000rpm for 2 minutes
4. How often does the oil injection check valve fail? Is this something to look at or just replace?

Any other tips?

I've been though my twin plenty of times, but this is my first tripple.

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