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Snowmobiler seriously injured!!

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I saw on the news last night that a local man was seriously injured this past week by his snowmobile. The story goes that the man and his friend were getting their sleds ready for a ride and one man lifted up the back of his sled in order to spin the track. We're all done this a thousand times. But when he did it it the track broke and the track struck him in the right leg and TORE his foot off!!! He ended up loosing his leg to just below his knee. Freak accident!!

He was on the news last night and appeared to be in good spirits and is planning on visiting schools to show people what happened and to educate young snowmobilers on the potential dangers. He siad that he is begging people to buy a lift with a guard.

Very sobering story. I've lifted my sled the same way many times and never thought that that could happen. Please think of him in your prayers and think twice when your lifting your sled.

Food for thought.

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Someone posted a story last year when a 10 yr old boy was killed when the milk can his dad was using to prop the rear end of the sled, was launched when the track broke. I freak out on my kids if they are even near the back of the machine when it's running. Read too many stories like this. Thanks for the reminder!
wow! And to think i'm the damn fool that actually hold the track off the ground and rev it up myself chairshot,, what the heck am I thinking??
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