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this probably happens more times than we know.
i'm a paramedic here in ontario,the year was 1999 it was boxing day,not a flake of snow in the air or on the new zrt was at home in the garage.i remember this like it was yesterday,and have told the story many many times.
we got a call south of the county for a reported snowmobile partner and i thought maybe some guys were dragging in the apple orchard,thats what a lot do.
you would not believe what we came across,and yes it is similiar to the previous story.
we arrive scene theres a 15 year old boy laying shocky under a blanket with his 7 year old sister sitting beside him holding his hand and crying.
while an older ski doo blizzard sits on the under carriage beside a partner removed the blanket.i see two near amputated legs folded underneath our patient,barely held on with a little connective tissue and eyes automatic go back to the sled (to paint a clearer picture),i then see a broken snowmobile track 50-60 feet away.
my partner couldn't fathom what happened(not a sledder)i asked the boy was he standing behind the sled and revving it up when the track let loose.he then nodded his head yes.
this particular call has a better outcome than the previous.due to the 7 year old sister(parents weren't home) and quick activation of EMS.we packaged him up,made his legs look like legs again,and transported him an hour to a pediatric trauma center,one leg is four inches shorter,and he's two years behind in school,but he got to keep both legs.
everything in life,we have all taken for granted,including our sleds. "all in a blink of an eye"[/b]
HOLY CRAP, that is one heck of a story! Puts alot of things in perspective. I feel so bad for that 7 year old to have witnessed that but in a way it was good she was because her brother kept his legs. She deserves a medal!
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