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Snow this year 08??

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WTF??? Any other Ohio riders dissapointed so far this 07 08 winter? i've had 2 subpar rides so far, could have gone a couple other times, with like 4 or 5 inches thats it. Every time it snows this year its half rain! Or it melts the next day. Or it sleets, or it snows 3 inches then stops, or it snows 3 incehs then rains, or it snows like hell at 33 degrees and doesnt stick.............UGGHH
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yeah definatly agree i live in the same spot and everything you said has happend i got 1 good day of riding :angry:
yep same here in northwest OH but today we got 4 to 6 fresh and still coming down on top of 4 we had for about a week but cant play until the old lady comes home :angry:
I am about 30 min NE of Downtown Cleveland and we are getting hit hard. I'd say 24" so far and more is on the way.
damn we got slammed with snow today i just got done riding Rockerdude Cat happy :super_happy:
That last big snow we got, me my buds were out for 180miles that day, leroy to roaming shores to geneva and such, came home on I90 it was so bad... lots a fun... other than that had about 8 good rides this year in thompson area. lots of miles this year between here and UP trip. Need to upgrade to newer sled . Need suspension! Now!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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