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I'm trying to fix a buddies 97 Skandik 500. It will start and go, but it won't stay idling on both cylinders. It will start on 2 then drop one. You can limp it up to speed and around 25-30 mph the second cylinder will pick up. It runs great at high speeds. I thought maybe carb, but I hooked up a spark tester last night and got really confused...... It has VERY weak and intermittent spark on BOTH sides! Crank it over and sometimes spark is on one side, sometimes the other, sometimes both, then none at all.

I'm thinking stator, cause it acts similar to my 98 ZR 500 when it's stator pooched, but that spark test really has me baffled........ I don't want to just throw parts (and $$) at a friends machine, but I don't know where to go from here. Can anyone tell me how to test the stator? Or the coils? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The machine has been sitting for many years. It was inside, but it hasn't been run in close to 10 years. It's a 97 with 175 miles on it.

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