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Secondary/driven clutch sticks open

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Hello....I have a 2004 sabercat 700 ext. recently, my secondary clutch has been sticking open. It has a d&d helix and spring. I cleaned the snot out of it and it still sticks under load or when it heats up. I ordered OEM helix and spring from arctic cat, think that may be the problem. The bushings on the sheaves have a little play on them, could they be the culprit......I am out of answers.....and it is getting ridiculous. The primary grabs the belt and just spins around driven clutch...I need to either pick the rear up or push it to get it started...then the driven clutch shuts Help
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Check for bushing wear, and see how the roller s look. Spring could be worn also.
Thanks for reply. I am putting OEM helix and spring back in. While I am at it, I will change the two bearings. Is there ANYTHING else I am missing here?
Not much to the driven the whole cap for it it 55 from cat new rollers and bushing included.
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