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Scratcher location on 2014 ZR 6000

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So I finally purchased a set of scratchers (Woody's cable style scratchers) for both my ZR8000 and ZR6000. The 8000 had a great spot to mount the scratcher and it stores away nicely. However, I'm struggling to find a good spot to mount the scratcher on the ZR6000 where it will work and be stored away securely. I currently have it just behind the front bogie wheel but when I store it away it pops off easily. Does any one have a suggestion for this style machine?
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Anyone ever try to use those running board mounted scratchers skidoo has?
I put a set of aftermarket running board scratchers on my bearcat and they work great. But, must be picked up when reversing and the bracket that is supposed to hold them up is junk so am using an eye bolt that I opened up a bit. Only downfall of this is that a couple times it has dislodged after going over a hard snowbank and snow lifted it off of the bolt.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts