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Scratcher location on 2014 ZR 6000

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So I finally purchased a set of scratchers (Woody's cable style scratchers) for both my ZR8000 and ZR6000. The 8000 had a great spot to mount the scratcher and it stores away nicely. However, I'm struggling to find a good spot to mount the scratcher on the ZR6000 where it will work and be stored away securely. I currently have it just behind the front bogie wheel but when I store it away it pops off easily. Does any one have a suggestion for this style machine?
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I put these on but needed to attach it by the rubber stop on the skid. The "rail savers" look like they will work well but they are stupid expensive for a simple insulated clamp. I hope these scratchers to the trick, I'm sick and tired of both my '14 ZR8 and ZR6 overheating. View attachment 372364
100% chance the upper idler will collide with the cable, mount, or both.
Test before running this setup.
Disengage the torsion springs, and compress the skid, to see for yourself.
A damaged upper idler will instantly put an end to the weekend.
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