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Get your postings to me asap with when & where & time of poker Derby's my hubby & I would like to know. Haven't heard too much talk of any happening.
<div align='center'>Mac Nutt, Saskatchewan
February 20th, at the hall/rink. Registration 10 am pretty sure. Keep your eyes open will get more information on who to contact too...</div>
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Feb 14 in Angusville, Mb which is a few miles east of Russell Mb. Lots of sleds and good payout, and the best part is that there is lots of snow here now!
Asquith Rally
Registration Feb 6th 10 am till noon at Elks Hall (Then ride to the Creek Park)
25.00 includes breaky and lunch
Ghost hands 10 bucks
Contact Les 306 329 4454

Cu all there...
Feb 13 Cupar Poker Derby, check it out on facebook
Langham derby Feb/27 10 to 12 o/clock registration(at the arena I believe).PM if you need more info and I will find out.
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