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Nice pics!!!!....I remember the days here in Mass. when we could ride all year long if there wasnt enough snow (7" or more by law) for sledding. My sleds are sitting idle now (no snow here) and so are my quads...what a bummer!!!.....The geek squad environmentalists just want you sitting in the house and getting fat!!! They say you hurt the trails....WTF!!!...the trails are FROZEN!!!...this is a GREAT time to be riding and exploring. Lots of trees have fallen across the trails and it would be a great time to clear them. Oh well, I can only continue my fight to keep the trails open year round (with the exception of snow and mud) but it's geting tougher and tougher!!!

Thanks for your pics! reminds me of how much fun I used to have riding during lean snow years like this :beer_cheers:
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