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Replacement Shocks?

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My shocks are shot and leak oil so I need to replace. Got a ride coming up in a few weeks. Elka's, Works etc are way more than I'm willing to spend on 8 year old machine.

A while back I looked into options and couldn't find anything that would work without modifying and some RD. (Progressive has shocks that are near the right length/travel, for other brands so they would have to be narrowed at the ends, then the springs rate?????)

I got an 05 with the stiff springs. I was thinking of new current model mud pro 700 shocks & springs. At less than $400 seems like good option.

So anyone got any better ideas? Your opinions please.
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I've been looking for months- not a lot of options out there. Post if you run across anything other than stock- (or under 1500 bucks!)
im considering sled shocks
im considering sled shocks
I know some of the ZR sled shocks are the right length. But travel length, valving and the springs. That's a lot to figure out, I don't have the time or energy to completely R&D shocks. Let me know if you get anywhere. Sled shocks can be had fairly cheap and are rebuildable which would be nice.

Aren't you running mudpro's now? Not happy?
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